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With the weather in Australia becoming increasingly warm and the months getting shorter, garden fencing is becoming an important part of a home’s interior design. From simple, straight lines and straight, square posts, to elaborate designs with intricately designed panels and trimmings, there are now a large variety of different garden fencing designs to choose from.

Garden fencing can be a simple, solid piece of wood that runs along the border of a lawn. The garden fence can also be made from different materials, such as stone or brick, and is often used for privacy and security purposes. There are many different types of garden fences in Sydney, and the designs range from simple to more intricate and elaborate. Some of the more common materials used in garden fencing in Sydney include wrought iron, aluminum, copper, wood, plastic and metal. The most common material is wood, as wood is both durable and aesthetically pleasing, and also can be very attractive in terms of its visual appeal and its natural beauty.

The style of the garden fence in your Sydney home, can depend on its location in relation to the home, it is built to surround. For example, a garden fence that is built to surround a front door or balcony is typically made from metal. If the garden fence is placed in front of a swimming pool or a balcony, it can be made from wood.

Garden fencing can be designed and built to a large extent using a metal or wooden frame. This means that the building process can be undertaken by a metal carpenter and the materials can then be either purchased pre-fabricated, depending on the type of frame that is chosen. When choosing the type of frame, the final choice will depend on the type of materials that are used. Some of the most common materials used in garden fencing in Sydney are wood and metal, and these materials are usually chosen in a choice of traditional, country, modern and contemporary styles.


Choosing your Garden Fencing Contractor

When choosing the style of the fence to be built, it is best to choose a design that compliments the overall look of the garden and the different styles of the house. Some styles of garden fence in Sydney include traditional and country, while others incorporate a modern or contemporary look. There are many different styles of fencing in Sydney, and the design and use of a particular style will depend on the style of the house that it is placed in.

Finding the Perfect Fence for your Garden

Garden fencing is a great way to incorporate a personalised style to a garden and to give it some character. It can also be a great way to give privacy to a garden while allowing a homeowner to enjoy the outdoors at the same time. Whether the garden is used for privacy or to allow people to relax, garden fencing can provide an important part of a home’s interior design.

What are the Benefits of Garden Fencing

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It’s important you choose a team experienced in fencing yards and gardens that put number one priority on your needs and desires!

Our team provide honest and fair prices for your garden fence. Our average rate per metre is approximately $85 depending on the job and its requirements.

Of course! Sydney Fencing Contractors prides itself on finding the best possible solution for your yard. Our tradesmen are happy to help design a fence that suits your needs and requirements!

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“I emailed the guys at Sydney Fencing Contractors. It was a simple process with an honest price. The installer was beyond efficient, very polite and explained the steps he needed to take in carrying out the job. Thanks again guys!"
Baulkham Hills
"I needed to get them to do 2 fences with different levels. The tradesmen were very understanding and listened to all my suggestions. In the end they built 2 wonderful fences, took all garbage with them, provided advice when required. Highly professional, friendly and all work done on time. Highly recommended."
"My fence builder was a top bloke! He was mindful of my concerns, more than helpful to clear the worksite and minimised the mess that needed to be made. When he finished, there was some material left which I wasn't charged for and I’m very happy with the completed fence. Best in Sydney!"
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